The street car on Madison would take people to the Village of Harlem. In the distance is the tallest building in the area, which still stands at the corner of Harlem and Madison.

This photo of Madison St. taken in 1903 from Oak Park Ave. is almost unrecognizable today. While the two-story house at 515 Carpenter in Oak Park stands out, the keen eye can see Fuchs’ Hall, as it was known at that time.  Now anchoring the corner of Madison and Harlem, as the home to USA Beverage, it was built in 1897, by Nicholas Shank and was the tallest building west of Chicago.  

 Also in the photo, is the streetcar along Madison St. which  was removed in the 1960’s.  This photo was taken or collected by Philander Barclay, the son of a Marion Street drugstore owner, who traveled the area on bicycle taking photographs.