The Save the Green Space Facebook group submitted a petition to the Forest Park Village Council at its Jan. 25 meeting, expressing concerns as follows:

“As a resident or business owner in Forest Park, I support dedicating the property south of the Altenheim Senior Living Community as a contiguous green space.”

The petition contained 535 signatures, which demonstrates considerable support for the wish to keep the South Altenheim area green.

Thanks to everybody who participated in the process.

The Green Space group does not believe the village has secret final plans for the Altenheim property. Nor is the group anti-development. However, we believe that the planning process has begun with the grant application for the demolition of the old structures, including the requirement that a mixed-use development take place somewhere on the property. We applaud the village’s efforts to obtain the funds necessary to demolish the existing structures.

This brings us to the timing of the petitions that were submitted.

The purpose behind the petition as well as the numerous public comments submitted at the village council meeting is to keep the issue in the public forum and to demonstrate that the residents wish to be kept informed and involved regarding the process.

The 535 signatures supporting the petition provides the village council with a good sense as to what many of our residents would like to see happen as the village proceeds with plans for the Altenheim property.

Ralph DiFebo

Save the Green Space