On March 17, Ned Wagner, Proviso Township High School District 209 board member, reached out to the Review to correct an inadvertent untruth he had told the paper. He was quoted in a March 16 article as saying that he didn’t receive a copy of Superintendent James Henderson’s audit report on Jan. 30, though Henderson said he had provided it to all board members on that date.

Wagner said Henderson reached out to him after reading his original statement saying he had not received the audit, and when Wagner went through the board retreat materials once again, he found the audit report.

“I am terribly embarrassed and appalled, actually, over my misunderstanding of Dr. Henderson’s presentation of his introductory audit,” wrote Wagner to the Review. “In our conversation I stated that I did not recall receiving the audit report.”

“It suddenly hit me that the report WAS included in the retreat packet,” Wagner said in his email. “Dr. Henderson did not go through the report page by page but instead addressed the sections in separate presentations throughout the day. That’s why I said that most of the information was presented to the board at the retreat.  Why I didn’t directly connect those presentations to the audit report, I do not know.”

Wagner added: “I feel I have egregiously misrepresented Dr. Henderson in my answer to your question and inadvertently added to the cloud of suspicion that has enveloped him ever since he came to Proviso.  Frankly, I feel horrible about it.”

Wagner also included photos of the board retreat packet showing the audit report contained within it and submitted a letter to the editor.

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