Bids for the water main replacement and resurfacing projects on the 7700 block of Monroe Street and 400 to 600 blocks of Thomas Avenue were opened on April 7 and the contract awarded to Uno Construction, the lowest bidder, by unanimous vote of the village council on April 26.

The village received seven bids for the project, which had been estimated to cost $1,361,755. Uno Construction’s bid was for $1,096,000.

A letter from engineer Jim Amelio of Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL), the village’s engineering firm, to Village Administrator Tim Gillian stated that CBBEL had reviewed the bid document and found it to be in order. The letter also said that both the village and CBBEL have worked with Uno Construction previously, “and they appear qualified to perform this work.”

A previous water main sewer separation project in 2019 was done by Uno Construction on the 400 and 500 blocks of Beloit and the 500 and 1500 blocks of Marengo. Thirteen homes in the area had problems as a result of the pilot rod accidently going through the sanitary line, an issue discovered when a resident reported a blocked line.

Newly paved streets were torn up so the water and sewer lines could be excavated and repaired where the sanitary line had been broken. The repairs were made at no cost to the village.

At the time, Gillian said of Uno Construction, “To their credit, they have accepted full responsibility for this and have been completely accepting of all village requests.” He added that going forward, all contractors who finish similar projects in the village will be required to televise lines to ensure similar issues have not occurred.