The rates at which River Forest and Oak Park residents are receiving their COVID-19 vaccine jabs are consistent with that of residents in neighboring Forest Park as of April 29. Over half the populations in each individual town has received at least one dose while Oak Park leads the way in fully vaccinated residents.

Out of an estimated population of 14,167 people, data from the Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) shows that 51.7 percent of Forest Park residents have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. The percentage of fully vaccinated residents in Forest Park lands at 33.4 percent.

In River Forest, which has a slightly smaller estimated population of 11,178 people, 56.1 percent have gotten one or more vaccine doses with 36.1 percent having completed their vaccination series, according to CCPDH.

Per the Oak Park Department of Public Health, a separate entity from the county health department, 52.2 percent of residents have had at least one vaccine dosage. Oak Park has the highest rate of fully vaccinated residents at 38.1 percent out of an estimated population of 51,878 – the largest of the three villages. The Oak Park Department of Public Health obtained this information through the I-Care system within the Illinois Public Health Department. The numbers reflect Oak Park residents who may have received the vaccination at any site in Illinois, not just through the village’s health department.

CCPDH uses the estimated populations of the 2010 U.S. Census. To keep data sets consistent across the three villages, Wednesday Journal calculated the vaccination percentages for Oak Park, which has its own health department, using information from the 2010 U.S. Census.

Despite the variance in population size, the vaccination rates across the three villages are fairly even, which is a marked difference from other western suburbs of Chicago.

According to CCPDH, 42.2 percent of Riverside residents had completed their vaccinations, compared to 30 percent in Brookfield, 22.2 percent in North Riverside, 25.3 percent in Berwyn and 20.6 percent in Lyons.

Of the residents who have had at least one COVID-19 shot, Riverside leads with 70 percent, with Brookfield at 48.3 percent and Lyons at 35.7 percent. North Riverside trails behind at 33.8 percent.

Forest Park – Est. population of 14,167

At least one vaccine dose: 7,321 or 51.7 percent

Complete vaccine series: 4,732 or 33.4 percent

River Forest – Est. population of 11,178

At least one vaccine dose: 6,272 or 56.1 percent

Complete vaccine series: 4,033 or 36.1 percent

Oak Park – Est. population of 51,878

At least one vaccine dose: 27,065 or 52.2 percent

Complete vaccine series: 19,775 or 38.1 percent