A question for all readers: How has your mail service been? Hopefully, it has been better than ours. In the past year or so, our mail service, which has never been stellar, has gotten exponentially worse.

We have experienced problems we thought unimaginable a year ago. Last week was a great example. We received mail during two of a possible six days.

Other problems: We have no idea what time we expect to get mail. Some days it has arrived as early as 10 a.m. Other days we have not received mail until late in the evening.

During the Christmas season, we had several unique experiences. I will cite two. One Saturday in December, we received 41 pieces of mail. Only six of them were meant for us. On Nov. 20, we sent a Christmas card to friends in Baltimore. We got a text saying they received the card on Feb. 14.

Finally, we routinely receive bills late enough that we must send our payment the next day and hope that the payments will arrive on time. We have worked for years to obtain an excellent credit rating. We can only hope the mail service will not put that in jeopardy. Until recently, paying bills by mail has worked just fine. These problems can’t all be “covid related” can they?

With such an illustrious track record over the past several months, one wonders if the Pony Express wasn’t actually more efficient? So, postal workers, have some pride! Do your job! We need our mail service like it used to be.

David Meyer

Forest Park