This rendering shows the village logo on the south water tower.

The soon-to-be-repainted south water tower will display Forest Park’s official logo, after the village council unanimously voted May 24 to add the design for an additional $13,250 tacked on to the original contract amount of $674,200.

According to an agenda memo for the May 24 meeting, there is available money to add the logo in the TIF fund which is being used to pay for the project.

The south side water tower in February 2021. The block lettering will be replaced with the village logo after rehabilitation and painting. | File photo

Original plans called for “Forest Park” to be painted in block lettering, following the water tower’s current design. But the new public works director Sal Stella suggested adding the logo.

Village council approval was needed to change the contract with Tecorp, Inc., which was awarded the contract for the project in February. Though project bids were opened last May, the contract was not awarded until required license agreements for construction access could be reached with owners of the adjacent land.

The rehabilitation of the south water tower is currently underway and involves painting of both the exterior and interior of the tower, but according to Jim Amelio from Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., the village’s engineering firm, the goal isn’t simply to pretty-up the structures. New paint is required every 20 to 25 years to prevent rust and preserve longevity, said Amelio during a February village council meeting.

This rendering shows what the south water tower will look like after being repainted.