Concerned Van Buren Citizens, a committee formed to advocate for The Grove Community, offers high praise for leaders of the village of Forest Park: Mayor Rory Hoskins and commissioners Dan Novak, Ryan Nero, Jessica Voogd and Joe Byrnes. Several campaigned on the promise to “deal with the Altenheim Property.” Now, through their concerted efforts, the decrepit buildings on the property are finally coming down! We say to them all: “Good Job!”

Our committee represents residents who live across the street. We could not be more pleased. These dangerous structures have been an eyesore in our neighborhood for years and years. Those performing the work are doing a terrific job, for which we are grateful. They are doing their best to not disrupt The Grove Community. Thank you!

As this demolition work moves toward completion, we look forward to the opportunity to work with all other stakeholders to determine what future uses of this large tract will best meet the needs and expectations of the village, The Altenheim and The Grove Community.

Gene Armstrong

Concerned Van Buren Citizens