he E.D. Roos Cedar Chest factory, once located at 7329 Harrison St. was a proud manufacturing company centrally located in Forest Park which opened in 1918.  Ten years later it was the “largest manufacturing” plant in town, employing 400 people.A hope chest was a symbol of aspirations, family and love.  Young women were gifted hope chests often to prepare for marriage and managing a household. Since cedar wood is a natural moth repellent, the chest would be a perfect storage for linens, tablecloths, napkins or blankets.   A practical and beautiful storage unit, it was a “must have” item in most homes.

This photo, from Jean Leinweber,  was one of her parent’s wedding gifts in 1930.  Jean has maintained the chest all these years and still uses it today for linen storage.  As a young Forest Park woman, she and fellow ladies graduating from Proviso East  each received a  miniature Roos Chest from the Roos Company at a gift, and promotion.  The lid of the chests are stamped from the Ed Roos Company and the “National Association of Cedar Chest Manufactures”