Dan Novak announced at the June 28 village council meeting that his family is leaving Forest Park, so he will be resigning from his position as a village commissioner.

The news didn’t come as a complete surprise, as his house in town has been on the market and speculation has abounded that he may be moving. But Novak remained quiet on the issue until the meeting, during which he shared that he is stepping down as commissioner.

Dan Novak | File photo

“As I enter a new/next chapter in my responsibilities and professional life, I am no longer able to serve the village that has raised me,” said Novak, who grew up in Forest Park. Novak thanked his family, the residents, and village staff.

“Thank you to all of our Forest Park constituents, especially the ones who have supported me over the last six-plus years as well as those who looked out for and after me over the last 40 years,” said Novak. “It is true, it takes a village to raise someone, and I am thankful.”

Novak told the Review after the meeting that a promotion at his job in Wheaton means he won’t have the time to dedicate to Forest Park and moving closer to work is important for his family.

“I need to give 110 percent to Wheaton like I’ve given to Forest Park,” Novak said.

Mayor Rory Hoskins said he will appoint a new commissioner, and he and the remaining three commissioners will vote on that choice, the process for replacement of commissioners who leave with less than two years left in their term. Hoskins said he has someone in mind but plans to speak to the other commissioners before sharing his potential choice.