The hope in a new school administration is that it builds off inherited strengths. For Forest Park’s District 91 elementary schools and its new superintendent Elizabeth Alvarez that would mean growing with Tiffany Brunson as principal of Field Stevenson and the middle school.

Sadly, Brunson has announced her resignation after nine years. We don’t know the ins and outs of her decision, though to us she would have made a strong candidate to have become this district’s new superintendent.

That wasn’t to be and we are, so far, impressed by Alvarez who from the moment of her hiring has exuded a welcoming and collaborative attitude toward every constituency in this district. That honest reflection included her comment on news of Brunson’s departure. “We are losing a significant leader and truly it is our loss,” said Alvarez. That is a generous and a true statement, which reflects so well on Alvarez. It also sends an affirming message to district staff that good work is recognized and valued.

The new superintendent told the Review last week that she is actively interviewing candidates for the top job at Field Stevenson/Forest Park Middle School. Her leadership background at the Chicago Public Schools undoubtedly brings many connections to be plumbed for principal candidates.

In critical moments of a full reset — and that is what we are looking for in D91 — we’re not fans of interim leaders in essential posts such as this principalship. We are confident that Dr. Alvarez can choose a strong and vital leader for this role.

Meanwhile, we offer thanks to Dr. Brunson for her outstanding work in what is likely the toughest job this district has. She has been strong and straightforward in her leadership, visible and accessible to parents and staff, tough but caring with students.

It truly is our loss.