One of the lovely and inspiring changes in Forest Park over recent years is the organic growth and increasing visibility of the arts community.

Whether it is Garage Galleries, Echo Theater Collective, partnerships with the Chamber to bring art to Madison Street, or the community-building paint job on the Circle Avenue bridge, it’s all good, all inspiring, all affirming of the talent and the diversity in this village.

This week Maria Maxham reports on a new initiative to bring Shakespeare to The Park.

As You Like It will be performed four times — July 31 and Aug. 1, 7 and 8 — by a troupe of actors gathered by Forest Parker Rick Corley. Corley is on the theater faculty at the University of Illinois Chicago. Says he has been walking by The Park and always thought it should host theater.

The leaders at the park district agreed when he approached them. Their focus was that the performances need to be accessible to all residents. So the price of admission is zero. The performance time is 5 p.m. And the welcome is enthusiastic.