The Congress Expressway, as it was known in 1959, was completely opened in late 1960, after all the graves were moved from local cemeteries. In January 1964, Congress was renamed for President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who created the interstate highway system it was a part of. | Edward De Luga archives of the Chicago Sun Times September 22, 1959

This photo from 1959 features one of the areas that was a “missing link” in the newly built Congress Expressway.  Looking west from Des Plaines, it shows some of the graves that needed to be relocated from Forest Home, Waldheim and Concordia Cemeteries (Forest Home and German Waldheim merged in 1969). In the background are the cranes, bulldozer and dump trucks busy working. The other “missing link” that needed to be completed before opening was at Des Plaines Avenue east to Central Avenue where three sets of train tracks were awaiting relocation.