The Ferrara Candy Company. File photo

A ransomware attack directed at the makers of Brach’s Candy Corn and dozens of other candy and cookie brands has impacted production at Ferrara Candy’s factories just ahead of Halloween, according to a statement released by the company.

A company spokesperson would not release details on the attack or the extent to which production has been impacted but indicated that all of Ferrara’s factories were operating “in a limited capacity” and “progressing toward full operations” as of Oct. 22.

The ransomware attack was detected Oct. 9.

“Upon discovery, we immediately responded to secure all systems and commence an investigation into the nature and scope of this incident,” the company wrote. “Ferrara is cooperating with law enforcement and our technical team is working closely with third-party specialists to fully restore impacted systems as expeditiously and as safely as possible.”

Ransomware attacks are designed to hold network-based systems hostage, with the attackers encrypting certain files before demanding the attack’s target pay a ransom to regain access to the system. Ferrara confirmed that some of its systems had been encrypted in the attack.

Despite the production interruption, Ferrara said all nationwide distribution centers were operating “near normal” and the company “assure(s) customers that Ferrara’s Halloween products are on shelves at retailers across the country.”

The Ferrara Candy Company was based in Forest Park from 1959 to 2012 before merging with Catterton Partners and its broad portfolio of brands in 2012. That company was then acquired by Italian chocolate and candy giant Ferrero Group in 2017.

The company still maintains a production facility and retail outlet location at 7301 Harrison St. in Forest Park.