Happy children trick-or-treat on Halloween. File photo

Trick-or-treaters in Forest Park will have from 3 to 7:30 p.m., Sunday, to accumulate as many Halloween goodies as possible, per guidelines set by the village.

Last year, the village reduced trick-or-treating hours because of the COVID-19 pandemic and outlined a series of health-related guidelines, like distributing candy from outside the home or trick-or-treating with household members only. There are no such restrictions in place this year, other than a set of recommendations from the state health department.

The Illinois Department of Public Health released those recommendations earlier this month, reminding Illinoisans to remain vigilant to limit the spread of COVID-19, especially with vaccines not approved for most children, at least as of Oct. 25. The state recommends trick-or-treating outdoors in small groups and said Halloween masks, no matter how much of one’s face is covered, are not a substitute for the types of face coverings still required indoors in Illinois.