O'Sullivan's manager Anthony Crawford mixes drinks for Jason Maxham (left) and Ned Wagner at the Historical Society's Volstead Act fundraiser on Jan. 17. | Photo by Alexis Ellers

Anthony Crawford, the general manager of O’Sullivan’s Public House in Forest Park, has been named this year’s recipient of the Dr. Frank Orland Award, as presented by the Historical Society of Forest Park.

A pillar of Forest Park, Dr. Frank Orland, founder and first president of the historical society had a mission of sharing the history of his town. He collected stories, treasures and moments, and researched with a passion and eccentricity that was beloved.

Every year, the HSFP honors an individual or group who has shown the same devotion, unique energy and talent.

Crawford has devoted his bartending skills and curious nature to build an annual prohibition fundraiser to mark the Volstead Act period. Crawford not only has added his own charm and creativity in crafting the drinks, he has also partnered with several local businesses to build the event.

Using ice from Nadeau’s, furniture from Studio 8, glassware and record player from the Forest Park Emporium, he created an experience even when the world turned virtual. He even created mixology videos with special historical notes with every signature drink.

Crawford grew up in Forest Park.