We’re happy to see the paving on Harlem Avenue. Why the bulk of the Harlem/290 section was paved during morning rush hour, causing residents to drive around active machines, over hot asphalt, without someone directing traffic, is another matter. Why not do that at night?

Lately the company doing the paving has parked their massive equipment extremely close to the intersection of Harlem and Harrison, adjacent to the U Haul store there. It’s been like this for many days now. This causes the westbound lane to be more than 60% blocked so that cars turning off of Harlem nearly strike anyone at the intersection trying to turn left toward I-290. Eastbound Harrison is sort of down to 1.5 lanes at the moment.

This is dangerous and inconvenient. I’m wondering why they aren’t on the Oak Park side near the Post Office where there’s a massive amount of space available along the street?

Last night, my wife and I were returning from the city to our home. After turning onto Harrison, I accidentally blew the stop sign because all this equipment almost completely blocks the view of the sign. I was paying attention to avoiding the equipment so I did not see the other sign, located on the opposite side of the intersection. I’ve driven this area hundreds of times at this point but still made that mistake. What if there had been a car exiting the lot behind the equipment?

This equipment should be immediately moved or a temporary flashing stop sign should be installed.

Stephen Garrett, Forest Park