The Lobstein house shown here from Karen Richards’ archives, is labeled on the back “Claire, Lilian, Ad, 1939.” The black-and-white photo shows the home at 905 Elgin painted a light color, which may have been the peachy-sandy color discovered under layers during the major renovation of the 1980s.

The legendary Victorian on the 900 block of Elgin was built by Chicago lumber mill magnate and cabinet maker, John George Lobstein, for his second wife, Adeline, in the 1890s. Local folklore suggests the house was haunted, perhaps from one of the two deaths that occurred in the home — one was a son, Charlie, and the other was Adeline, or “Addie,” herself. The house, restored by owners Karen Richards and Thomas Walsh in the 1980s, reportedly experienced chilling moments, including lights turning on or off, doors opening or closing, and the occasional sound of footsteps. One night a year, Nov. 6, Karen would hear, “sounds of fighting in the attic, like things were being thrown around, but when we went up, nothing was there.” She added, “It would wake you up from a dead sleep.” Karen was so spooked every Nov. 6, she would take the kids and dogs out of the house for the night. The next owner, Richard Burtucci didn’t experience the same level of haunting.

Jill Wagner