Act in haste. Repent in leisure.

A downright biblical admonition.

We believe Forest Park has learned this lesson as it finally has its actions in aggressively shutting down the Forest Park Tap Room affirmed by a Cook County Circuit Court. The long battle to shutter this renegade Madison Street bar took the village and its mayor/liquor commissioner on a long, bitter ride through hearings here and in Springfield. Now the court has overruled a state liquor control board ruling that the village overreached.

The lesson is that Forest Park needs fewer straight-up bars on Madison Street. And that gifting a liquor license needs a municipal vetting process that begins with active skepticism toward the applicant. If you want the privilege of a liquor license in Forest Park, a squeaky clean reputation is the requirement. The Tap Room did not have that and should never have received its license.

Too much drama and reputational damage to our village and its downtown resulted.