As a resident of Forest Park, I have been following your coverage of the development of the Altenheim property with great interest. I have been delighted to read that the majority of public input given to the Altenheim Advisory Council so far has been in favor of keeping some of the south end of the property for green space to develop as a park. 

I realize that green space is at a premium in Forest Park. And so, I have been envisioning the Altenheim property becoming a beautiful, serene setting running along the Des Plaines River, just adjacent to the future Prairie Path extension. Essentially, it would become a “green gem” for all of Forest Park to enjoy. 

At the same time, I am practical enough to understand the importance of revenue for our village. And so, it seems that a careful balance of some revenue-generating, residential development, combined with the beauty of a green space on the south end of the property, would be an Altenheim solution. 

The Forest Park Review published in its January 2023, second and third editions, two site plans that were submitted to the Altenheim Advisory Council. Both these site plans make a win-win possible for Forest Park. I would like the Altenheim decision-makers to take another look at those. I’m certain the public would like them to do the same.

Robert Handler, Forest Park