I was one of the thousand or so drivers stuck in traffic on Thursday, March 9 in Forest Park (and also Berwyn, Oak Park and North Riverside), while the police were attending funeral services for a fallen officer who was shot recently. He was not from Forest Park. The traffic delay was easily the worst I have seen after living here over 25 years. Took me almost two hours to drive three miles home from Cermak. Waste of time and gas. 

North Riverside residents were warned ahead of time of this funeral. Why weren’t we warned? (If residents were told, I didn’t get the message). 

With respect to the police, there must be another way or route that would ease the aggravating delays. I know that the Forest Park police had only a small part in this, but they do control traffic on village streets. I am not sure that a funeral service justifies having hundreds of confused drivers circle the streets for 2-3 hours looking for a way home or to work. I thought it was a major emergency! Possibly some had urgent problems, serious emergencies or were ill. Fortunately, I got home safely after stopping for a sandwich.

It is sad when an officer is killed in the line of duty, but this was one day when these suburban police caused more problems than they resolved.

Merlla Malone

Forest Park