With the Feb. 27 Forest Park approval to locate a new dispensary in the former third of CVS, we the residents and tenants of Forest Oaks Senior Housing, 25 Elgin Ave., feel it is not a good decision and we were simply patronized at the village council meeting.

It was very obvious that the decision was previously decided. At both this planning and the prior Zoning Commission meeting, held Feb. 21, even though many residents and surrounding neighbors voiced their disappointment that a dispensary was being considered at this location, the approval was made quickly.

Even a signed petition by residents against this location did not help. It was apparent that it was a done deal.

Both the Zoning Commission and the village council felt the dispensary is beneficial for Forest Park, and this may be the case financially, but we certainly feel it is not the right location for a prime site that should showcase our community. This northeast location of Forest Park, could and should have many alternative possibilities.

Ideally a new city hall or some prestigious business with fountains would make us proud, especially since it has great access and is a gateway to Oak Park, River Forest and Downtown Chicago, via the already established CTA line.

And then on another note, our current mayor, who is running for re-election did not even lead with his decision. He only stated his after all prior village council members had expressed their approval.

One would question if he is a leader or follower, especially since he stated that he was against this location to residents prior to the zoning board vote.

If Forest Park is going to be a leader in this metropolitan community, we have to be able to have leaders with a future vision and responsibility in the decisions that are made affecting all of us for years to come.

Gino Pisani & Barbara (BJ) Jackson