Lego building contest at the Forest Park Public Library on Monday March 20, 2023 | Todd A Bannor

Junior LEGO enthusiasts got their hands-on and minds-on challenge at the Forest Park Library on the afternoon of March 20.  The teams were filled with wonder and creativity as they designed characters, created headquarters and a super vehicle or vessel for their creations.

With Maui Jones as guest judge and LEGO Master the young developers met the challenge and told their stories. In the solo build challenge, builder Leytan Ealy designed Cornelius Michael Jr, who was a double agent for the NBA and CIA with a strong belief that America rules.  Other solo builds included Gamer Bob, who carried a pickax; Robot Alien Man was able to control a mechanical dragon device that stored deadly potions in his tail, Mr. Funny Pants whose fully rotating head could choose being happy or sad with a neck turn and even a Master Chef that had a chicken in one hand and blowtorch in the other.

Each LEGO junior then branched into the team table challenge to create a homebase.  The headquarters were full of details, one even resembled the Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright and doubled as a place to detain villains.   Wyatt Ksander proposed to his tablemates, “how about we make areas on a base then make them all come together,” and the table team created a whole neighborhood of hideouts that met the individual needs of the community of super builds.   The villain hideout was created by another team, which added a mailbox to the back of the house, a sinister testament to the people who occupied the dwelling that had a cave like entrance.

The third challenge was to create a vessel of transportation for the LEGO creations.  The wonderment included builds with helicopter blades, gliding devices, wheels,  flames and unlimited capabilities.  

Forest Park Librarian and Youth Services Manager Susan Farnum was delighted by the stories created, color combinations and creative statements the LEGO inspired and promised to have future LEGO programs to bring the brick builders together for more challenges.  Participants took home bricks to enhance their personal collections and keep the creativity flowing.