I’d like to thank the Review for inviting candidates to write an Op-Ed. I appreciate the opportunities candidates have had to engage the public. Forums, questionnaires, door knocking, and coffees have been wonderful ways we’ve shared our message. Folks have heard a lot from the candidates. 

An amazing group of residents believe in my campaign. It’s their support, and the support of our community, that makes it all worthwhile. A few of them wish to share why they volunteer for my re-election campaign for commissioner of Forest Park: 

“One reason I am volunteering for Jessica is because she believes in the working people of Forest Park. Jessica was instrumental in making sure that the people who build our roads and other infrastructure are paid a living wage and provided health insurance by championing and passing the Responsible Bidder Ordinance in Forest Park. Public monies should protect the public and prioritize the working families of Forest Park, and Jessica helps to ensure that it does.” – Paul Price

“I am volunteering for Jessica Voogd because she cares deeply about Forest Park. She thinks about what would be best for the village both now and in the future. She does the research, puts together a plan, and then acts. She brought new ideas to the village around sustainability, then acted by implementing a tree survey, management plan, and worked to get the Tree City USA designation. As commissioner of public property, she worked with Public Works Director Stella to implement a fleet management plan and worked with Finance Director Olmsted to earmark funds to replace the fleet over time. Her commitment and hard work on behalf of the village has earned my vote. Join me and vote for Jessica Voogd for Forest Park Commissioner.” – Kimberly Adami Hasegawa

“I work as a volunteer for Jessica because she has worked hard for us for the past four years. She has a clear vision that includes a commitment to transparency and to responsible and sustainable growth for Forest Park.” – Karen Considine

“I am volunteering for Jessica’s campaign because of her dedication to the village. Forest Park is a community of hard-working people, and Jessica reflects just that; her hard work on behalf of all of us makes Forest Park better. We all want a healthier and safer village, but Jessica actually does the work. She spends countless hours researching options and works cooperatively to make those options a reality. From neighborhood cleanup days to the village’s Tree City USA designation, her hard work has made Forest Park a better place to live. The least I can do is support that kind of dedication and commitment. I hope you will join me in voting for Voogd on April 4.” – Kate Van Winkle

“I volunteer for my wife’s re-election campaign because Jessica’s kindness, patience, deep sense of fairness and selflessness shows in her tireless work on behalf of the village. It always impresses me how rational and passionate she is about every issue, and how she keeps persevering against any obstacles. Being a public figure is a difficult decision, and I believe she has handled it with grace and humility. She suits up every day, rolls up her blazer sleeves and works hard for Forest Park. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Jessica for four more years.” – Daniel Marcus

Jessica Voogd is running for re-election as commissioner on the Forest Park Village Council.