My year as Forest Park PTO President has been an overwhelming joy. I haven’t had such fun as a District 91 school parent and Forest Park community member in a long time. The April 21 Spring Fling was the ultimate expression of that joy and it was all because of the amazing team of volunteers; parents, teachers, and businesses.

I am so grateful for the sponsors who supported us; Little Teeth Big Smiles, Farmington Foods, Kiwanis Club of Forest Park, Gillian Baker Team, and Michelle Melin-Rogovin. Because of you our kids jumped with joy, danced with joy, and raffled with joy! The Treat Trot was so much fun thanks to the donations from Twisted Cookie, Brown Cow and Forest Park Bakery.

We were overwhelmed with the donations from businesses, parents, and teachers to make our indoor block party a success. I wish I could name everyone. I could fill a whole Forest Park Review issue with the names of every business, teacher, parent, and volunteer who generously gave us gift certificates, raffle prizes, funds, and treats. Daily text messages filled with exclamation points and wow emojis were sent by the PTO members as we received alerts of gifts and support.

Together the Forest Park PTO, educators, and community raffled 67 prizes; sold 2,700 tickets, and raised $4,300 to support the schools and students of our schools. Collaborating to organize an event of this magnitude is no easy task. But each smile and laugh made it all worth it.

Kristin Pekoll 
Forest Park PTO President