With the headlines on the introduction and passage of hundreds of laws across the U.S. targeting the LGBTQ+ community and particularly trans youth, this Pride Month holds significant importance for members of that community and its allies.

Last week, as I was walking down Madison Street, I saw a powerful demonstration of Forest Park’s support for its LGBTQ+ community as the Pride colors were being painted on a section of the street. This is in addition to the Pride flag banners that have been placed all along Madison Street, as well as the upcoming Forest Park PRIDE Celebration on June 23rd.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mayor Hoskins and those commissioners who have provided funding for these prominent displays of Pride. Forest Park’s LGBTQ+ residents are integral to the social and economic fabric of our village. Not only will Forest Park see a financial return on the investments made this Pride Month, but the village will also benefit from its reputation as a welcoming place for all.

Enrique Zuniga
Forest Park