The former Bushwood Golf Practice Center, 30 Madison St., could become an entertainment venue under the village of Maywood’s plans for the property. The property was purchased by the village in May 2021 from the Cook County Land Bank Authority, records show. According to the records, the Village of Maywood paid $10 for the property, which was used as a landfill prior to becoming a golf range. 

As reported by Village Free Press in 2019, the family-owned golf range ceased to operate when the owners filed for bankruptcy as it was no longer able to pay a hefty annual property tax bill. In 2017, the taxes were $301,783 annually. The delinquent 8-acre property then became part of the Cook County Land Bank Authority’s inventory of vacant residential, commercial and industrial property. 

Under the village’s plans, the property could become an entertainment venue. Maywood Trustee Isiah Brandon said that was the use proposed for the property when the village applied to purchase it. The village would also be responsible for running the property, he said. Currently, the village needs to complete a property assessment to determine how much money the village needs to invest to “get the property in a better condition.” 

The village’s plans for this property date back to 2021, when then-mayor Edwena Perkins and the village board approved the purchase of the property from the Cook County Land Bank Authority. Village records show that in April 2021 the board approved the payment of a $7,500 acquisition fee for the conveyance of the property to the village. Plans for this property could also include creating a pathway near the property’s west side adjacent to the DesPlaines River. If completed, the pathway would connect Madison Street to the portion of the Illinois Prairie Path adjacent to Maybrook Drive, though more details are unclear.

Mayor Nathaniel Booker did not respond to this publication’s request for comment before deadline.