I woke up this morning to be absolutely gob smacked by the bias of the editorial board that runs both the Review and the Wednesday Journal. Front and center on my feed was an article from Wednesday Journal about the ranking of OPRF High School in the annual U.S. News rating issue. 

The article tries to explain the issues behind their current spot in the ranks and compares it to all other top ranking high schools in the area except Proviso Math and Science Academy. No mention of our gem that came in at 8 for the state and 281 for the U.S. Well above the rankings for OPRF, which came in at 34 for the state and 790 for the country. 

I went to check the Review Facebook page and newspaper website and I cannot find any article about this outstanding accomplishment by our top high school. I now really question the credibility of the editorial decisions of the Forest Park Review and Wednesday Journal. Has anyone seen anything in the Review or Journal about PMSA’s ranking? I have not.

Kathryn Moran
Forest Park

Publisher’s note: We appreciate all letters to the editor. We would note, however, that the Review’s coverage of the U.S. News high school rankings related to Proviso was online and in our social media feed on Monday and is in today’s paper. That article reflects both the very strong showing of PMSA and the poor rankings of Proviso East and West. The article includes an interview with Interim Supt. Bessie Karvelas.

The letter writer is responding to a news story from our sister paper, Wednesday Journal of Oak Park & River Forest, which focused on the U.S. News ranking of Oak Park and River Forest High School.