A Forest Park woman said that her car was damaged and she was attacked because her boss’s wife believed she was having an affair with her boss.

The victim said that on Oct. 2, she got calls and texts from the unknown number accusing the victim of having an affair with her husband, who is the victim’s boss. After the victim didn’t respond, the boss’ wife texted the victim, threatening to kill her and saying that she would harass the victim at her job. 

A day later, around 6:49 a.m., the victim was awakened by her neighbor, who saw a woman walking by the victim’s car and heard what he thought were sounds of glass breaking and tires deflating, then saw the woman drive off. The victim checked the car and found that driver’s side front and rear windows were smashed, and all four tires were slashed. 

Almost 10 hours later, at around 4:59 p.m., the victim was in a blue Nissan she rented to substitute for her damaged car. According to the victim and witness accounts, the boss’s wife and another woman approached the victim, the wife opened the Nissan’s front door and punched the victim in the face. A landlord of the nearby building called a tenant for help, and they broke up the fight. The boss’ wife and her companion fled in a red Dodge Charger. 

While the officer was interviewing the victim, the victim got a call from a different unknown number. The victim responded, addressing the caller by the wife’s name, and the caller threatened violence before hanging up. 

When the person called again, the officer picked up, identified himself as the police officer and told the caller that she would be facing charges if she continued harassment.

When the police officer checked on the victim later that evening, she said that the boss’s wife and a woman who identified herself as the friend of the wife continued make threatening phone calls. 

Recovered stolen vehicle

A 21-year-old River Forest man was arrested by Forest Park police officers for stealing a car in Chicago.

A Forest Park police officer was on routine patrol when he got an alert about a stolen white 2023 Nissan sedan was traveling east on Eisenhower Expressway under Desplaines Avenue.  According to the Chicago police, the man carjacked the Nissan. 

As the officer raced to intercept the car, he spotted it heading north on Harlem Avenue and approaching Jackson Boulevard. The officer said that the driver made eye contract with him and quickly raced off, as the officer followed. With the help of other units, they were able to stop him on the Oak Park side of the 1000 block of North Harlem Avenue. 

The search of the driver revealed the car’s key fobs, bank cards and personal IDs belonging to the victim. The stowed car was towed, and the River Forest man and the recovered property were turned over to Chicago police.

These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Forest Park Police Department, Oct. 1-7, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anybody named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.

Compiled by Igor Studenkov