What will it take to get some police presence on Roosevelt Road? For the last three nights I have had a wrong-way driver doing 40 mph through a red light and another swerving in and out of traffic at double the speed of traffic nearly collide head on with me on Roosevelt Road. 

I have to use it to get to my home because of one-way streets and where I live. What will it take to get some police presence in this neighborhood and on Roosevelt? To write some traffic tickets? To care about at least pretending there is a rule of law? Will my car be totaled before you can be bothered? Will I be a paraplegic from some psycho behind the wheel smashing into me head-on at 50 mph? 

I cannot remember the last time I saw someone pulled over on Roosevelt getting a ticket. Ten years? Maybe longer? 

Please explain exactly what you expect citizens of Forest Park to do to try to arrive home in one piece. I know it’s not easy to be a law enforcement officer these days, but I really would like to know why, when I drive through North Riverside or Oak Park, I see police patrols all the time, but not in my town. Why is Forest Park always unable to do anything but react after the fact? 

I really would like the answers to these questions. I have written the mayor and the chief of police as well. We’ll see if I get any response.

Kim Ogle