• The following was taken from the records of the Forest Park Police Department between Jan. 16 and Jan. 23 and represents a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Anyone named in this report has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

A patrol officer’s suspicions of an illegally parked car led to the arrest of a pair of theft suspects just after noon on Jan. 17. The officer noticed a car driven by Derrick L. Smith parked in a handicap zone just outside the entrance to the Osco Drugs, 7216 Circle Ave. When the officer asked Smith if he realized he was parked illegally, Smith said he was waiting for a female friend inside. Moments later, Austin Williams, 34, exited the store, looked at the cop, said “It’s rough! It’s rough!” and entered the car on the front passenger side. Suspicious of both the nonsensical utterance and the fact that a male, not a female returned to the car, the officer called for backup. He then noticed several boxes of Imodium A-D on the rear floor of the car that hadn’t been there moments before. He asked Williams about it, and Williams allegedly admitted that he’d stolen them. Further searching turned up four boxes of Imodium A-D and three boxes of a laxative, with a total value of $137.61. A name check then revealed that the backseat occupant, Michael Smith, had an outstanding Kane County warrant for retail theft.

Back at the station, Williams, who, according to police, has a prior retail theft conviction, also allegedly admitted that he had a $300 a day heroin habit that he was attempting to support.

• Kristine M. Hassler, 35, of Chicago, was allegedly observed by store security at Ultra Foods, 7530 Roosevelt Road, placing candy, hair coloring and razors valued at $139.57 in her purse around 3 p.m. Jan. 22. She was apprehended after allegedly exiting the store without paying and charged with Felony Retail Theft.

• Detonia Flowers, 34, of Maywood was allegedly observed walking out of the Kmart, 7630 Roosevelt Road, with 10 cans of unpurchased Isomil in a shopping cart. She was caught by store security after a brief foot chase, and charged with felony retail theft after a previous conviction was discovered.

Attempted burglary
•Police responded to a burglar alarm at R&H Towing at Lathrop and Randolph around 11:20 p.m., Jan. 19. After discovering that glass panes in both the front entrance and north doors were broken, several officers formed a perimeter while others entered the building. They found blood on one of the glass panes and a blood trail. Though a K-9 Unit was called in, it was unable to track anyone. The owner was called and determined nothing was missing.

Criminal damage to property
• Police are looking for a Westchester man who may have caused vandalism to a van in the 7600 block of Harrison, Jan. 23. The van’s owner heard noise between 4:30 and 5 a.m. When he investigated, he found his front window broken. The man suspects his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, who was previously arrested by the Forest Park police in the burglary of the man’s house. Records indicate that the 21-year-old suspect is currently on parole from prison for burglary.

• A woman living in the 900 block of Ferdinand had her car vandalized during an alleged family spat on Jan. 21. The woman, who allows her brother to pick up his mail at her residence, refused to let him enter her residence, stating he was intoxicated and demanding to see their mother. After a brief argument, the brother left, she said. When the woman heard pounding outside, she looked and saw her brother running to his vehicle and driving off. She discovered her windshield and rear view mirror broken.

• A man on vacation out of the country between Dec. 30 and Jan. 16 returned to his residence in the 500 block of Desplaines to find his 1993 Nissan Sentra vandalized. Someone had shattered the front passenger-side mirror, bent the antenna and flattened the front passenger tire.

Burglary to auto
• A Franklin Park woman reported someone attempted to pry the door lock of her 2005 Hyundai Accent while it was parked in a parking lot during the day on Jan. 19. The car was damaged, but nothing was stolen.

“compiled by Bill Dwyer