Dear editor:

Forest Park has done wonderful things with Madison Street, exciting and interesting, but my letter will make some people wonder what happened to customer service.

Louie’s Grill, shame on you. On my way home from Mass, Sunday, Jan. 2, I decided to go out for breakfast. Having been a patron at Louie’s/Pete’s Grill for 15 years plus, I decided to go there. When I entered the restaurant, there was a long line waiting, but I decided to wait it out. After 15-20 minutes waiting, a booth was finally available. There was only one couple behind me, and they were seated a few minutes later.

As I took off my coat and began to sit, the busboy asked if I were alone, and I said yes. He implied that I could not sit there. I told him I waited in line with everyone else, and I sat down. I informed him I have a severe back problem and could not sit at the counter. If I could, I would not have waited 15-20 minutes.

At this point, the waitress approached me with a pleasant “good morning” and asked if I would be waiting for someone to join me, and I said no. At this point, she indicated that I could not sit in a booth because I was alone. Hmm! Sounds like discrimination to me.

I repeated to her why I could not sit at the counter. She then said, I’ll ask “Her” if it is “OK” for me to stay. She came back and said, sorry but you will have to leave. Naturally I was upset and went to speak to the “Her,” and she said she has to treat everyone the same, even after I mentioned my back problem. I told her although I am a frequent patron this would be my last visit. She snapped back, “Your choice.”

I might add that I am a 71-year-old woman. A large number of Louie’s customers are seniors.

In all the years I have eaten there, I have sat in a booth, busy or not. Five minutes later (because no one was waiting by this time) they would have been happy to sit one person in a booth. Shame, Louie!

No signs are posted in the restaurant indicating the number of people required to sit in booths.

Does not Mr. Louie know of all the new places that have opened on Madison, in fact one directly across the street.

Shame on you, Louie’s Grill.

P. Mlady
Forest Park