Dear R.C.W.,

Thank you very much for your note, and I’m happy to hear you enjoy reading this handwriting analysis column.

You don’t mention anything about your age or your health, but I think these facts may be significant.

Although your writing is very legible, it lacks rhythm or natural coordination or harmonious flow. It appears to be stiff and rigid and your strokes do not return evenly to the baseline. Also, your letters have an inconsistent slant, some being vertical while others lean to the left or right. This combination of factors shows some impairment which may be caused by age, medication, or poor eyesight, tension or anxiety. For this reason, it is good to know the writer’s age and health situation when doing an analysis. Drugs (legal or otherwise) and alcohol can significantly change a person’s handwriting since they affect both brain and emotional functioning.

Because of one or more of these factors I believe you are dealing with some internal personality conflict.

You write slowly, R.C.W., so I know you are careful, steady, thrifty, neat, cautious, and thorough. You try to be precise and efficient in everything you do, but your need to be exacting makes you feel tense and anxious.

Because you also have a lot of personal pride, you do your tasks well. You are a good, dependable worker, and you take pride in you appearance as well as in your achievements.

Your tall, narrow upper loops tell me that your code of ethics is restricted and that you often feel guilt when you don’t follow your own rigid belief system. New religious concepts are difficult for you to accept. You are also somewhat of a loner and intimate relationships are not easy for you. Not many people ever get to know you well. You are not unfriendly but you are very careful in choosing close friends. You enjoy time by yourself.

The fact that your handwriting is legible means you are sincere, conventional, and have a desire for clear communication and understanding. You are also smart, persistent and a systematic thinker.

I hope this analysis makes some sense to you, and I assume you know the reason for the lack of rhythm. I also hope this analysis is helpful to you. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day.