Thank you very much for your note and for your very kind words about my analysis.

Your handwriting is neat, rightward, light, legible, connected, and attractive.

The fact that your writing is light means that you don’t press very hard on your pen and this shows and absence of emotional intensity. It tells me that you are feminine, sensitive, adaptable, tolerant, modest, sympathetic and very susceptible to atmosphere. You don’t hold grudges and you forgive easily. Your emotions are not long lasting and you are not likely to be deeply prejudiced. You are also spiritual and idealistic.

Unfortunately, your light writing also means that you tend to be timid and could yield under pressure. You can be emotionally touchy and are easily offended.

Lillian, your writing looks nice and it has rhythm and balance. This balance means that your ego has an inner equilibrium, and this shows that you are a well-balanced person. You are emotionally stable, have the ability to express yourself well, get along well with others, and accomplish your goals. You are stable, orderly and dependable. You are emotionally disciplined.

You are also practical and realistic. You are well organized and willing to take responsibility. In other words, you have a wholesome amount of self-confidence and have made a sensible adjustment to life. You are an independent person with a desire to stand out.

Your writing slants to the right, is legible and connected and this combination shows that you are friendly, outgoing, sociable, enthusiastic, generous, optimistic, sincere, kind, logical, conventional and have a strong desire for clear communication and understanding.

At times you can be naïve, restless, easily influenced, overly emotional, overly adaptable and overly dependant on others, but this is the price you pay for being a nice, kind, outgoing person.

Thanks again for writing and I believe the best thing you can do is continue being good to others. People are inspired by your kindness even if they don’t say so.

Peace and happiness to you