Nancy Hill tendered her resignation as Forest Park’s community development director on Feb. 8, 2005, after almost three years in the position. Her last day will be March 1.

Hill will be moving on to the DuPage County Mayors and Managers Program where she will be an associate director. 

“This is an opportunity to change the direction in my career,” Hill said.  “My decision to take another position is not about personality, it is about what I feel is best for me and my career.”

The DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference is an organization that provides research, technical assistance and development opportunities for its 35 members within DuPage County, Hill said.

Hill, a graduate of Ball State University, has a bachelors degree in Urban Planning and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Louisville.  In addition, she has almost 10 years experience in the planning field and is a certified planner.

No stranger to controversy, Hill has been questioned by both community members and some commissioners for some of her decisions as an integral part of Forest Park’s zoning board.

“I have seen attacks from some commissioners towards her that I did not think were appropriate but Nancy’s decision was made by Nancy,” said Commissioner Mark Hosty who oversees Hill’s department.

“I think [development was] a very high profile position and it can be very politically charged,” Hill said of her position as community development director.  “But that issue played a pretty minor role in my decision.  It was really a decision about me and what I thought was best for my career. It doesn’t have to do with the politically charged environment.

“Certainly the community development position is a very high profile position and is involved in a lot
of activities,” Hill said.  “Because some of the responsibilities include being the primary contact for residents and developers pertaining to economic development issues, it does involve a broad range of responsibilities and a very heavy workload.”

Hill is the second high profile employee to tender her resignation this month. 

Joan White, the village clerk, gave her two weeks notice at the beginning of the month.

“I never begrudge anybody from advancing their career opportunities,” said Mayor Anthony Calderone of the resignations.  “We never welcome too many people leaving at the same time.  Unfortunately we find ourselves in that circumstance right now.

“Nancy is a bright and talented young woman who is looking to expand her career.  This is a step that is going to
give her that opportunity,” Calderone said.

The village has begun looking for a replacement.

“We have already started drafting the ad for hiring.  I want to have that filled as soon as possible,” Hosty said.  “When we had Nancy we didn’t have enough people so without her we will be shorthanded.”

He added that the position will be changed, to reflect the changing needs of the community.

The new village administrator, Mike Sturino, has a background in community development, Hosty said, thus the new position will focus less on community development and more on code enforcement and management.

In the meantime, “the current staff is going to be dividing up responsibilities until the council makes some decisions on who they want to hire and for what type of position,” Hill said.