Library Staff Appreciation Month
As a friend of the Forest Park Library I would like to acknowledge the efficiency and loyalty of the remaining staff after the firings of our excellent Head of Reference Cynthia and also Jasmine.  In spite of low morale thru out the building, they all do their best to “keep the library running” and to that end the Friends are hosting a Staff Appreciation Luncheon on April 14th during National Library Week.

I plead with Mayor Calderone to reinstate the name of a highly qualified nominee for the empty board seat (now empty nearly nine months) that was removed from the Village agenda in January.  Why? 

Also, I understand a “drop off box” is being considered at a cost of $800 … when we have a most efficient drop built right into our fine building, just a few steps up or up a ramp and easily accessible for the staff to process each day.  Why?

I have been a Forest Park resident and library patron for over 50 years, served 16 years on the board (before the new building) and am presently President of the Friends.  I invite and encourage board members, members of the community, and Village officials to attend our monthly meetings held the first Saturday of each month (except in summer months) at 2 p.m. and witness our enthusiasm to do fund raising to help support programs of the library.     We would like to feel welcome at the Library Board meetings!
“Shirley Christell
Forest Park

You have a void to fill
Like others who have moved, we still keep in touch with old friends and the happenings in Forest Park. In going over copies of the Forest Park Review passed on to us we have noticed John O’Donnell, the opinion columnist, is gone. Readers are asking what happened and the Review isn’t answering.

John was a voice who was interesting and presented facts that his opinions were based on. More often than not we had to agree with him, despite his “in-your-face” delivery that caught your attention. He even answered reader’s letters and wasn’t afraid to question authority. We will always remember him as the only one who did his homework running around visiting dog parks and voicing the need for one. He did a great job. (Yes, we have a dog.)

John definitely added to your newspaper, you now have a void to fill.

The Jeffays
Wheaton, Ill.