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The Grant-White Elementary School PTO would like to recognize our parents for their phenomenal support by allowing the students to participate in the Pennies for Patients Fundraiser.  Our children raised almost $790, proving once again that they truly are kids with character.
Towanda Cadoree
Grant-White PTO

Half-truths: An effective strategy for our president

Scaring American’s has become an effective strategy for the President to get support for his policies. But success comes by telling lies and half-truths.

The President says Social Security is going bankrupt, which is half true. Unlike weapons of mass destruction said to buried in Iraq, the facts regarding Social Security are in the open for everyone to see: The President’s budget for this year is over $2.4 trillion dollars, which includes a $364 billion deficit. His previous budget deficits have already totaled over $1 trillion dollars.

Financing these huge budgets comes directly from the Social Security trust fund. So while Social Security may be in danger, it is simply because Bush keeps raiding the trust fund just to operate regular government business”the other half of the truth.

In fact, the $2.4 trillion does not include one nickel for the military to occupy Iraq, which is costing over $1 billion each month. So what kind of budget is that? Is this omission a lie, or just a half-truth?

Another example is the Medicare “reform” bill that was passed with an estimated cost of $400 billion over 10 years. The Medicare administrator’s job was threatened if he revealed the true costs to be more like $500 billion. The latest estimate is now over $700 billion because the Bush administration included two of the years in the 10-year projection before the “reform” actually becomes effective, lie or half-truth?

In both cases it makes the deficit bigger and the Social Security trust fund smaller.

When Bush ran for Congress in 1978 he said “Social Security will be broke in 10 years.” Bush was wrong then and he’s half wrong now. Yes, Social Security is in danger and you should be scared because the president is not telling the truth, again.

Mark Denny
Forest Park