Letter not from CUinFP
In publishing the March 30, 2005 edition of the REVIEW, a mistake was made in my “Letter to the Editor.” 

I, Steven Backman, alone, suggested that people vote for Marcy Wozniak and Cathy McDermott to fill the two vacant Park Board seats and proudly signed my name to it. 

For some unknown reason, the REVIEW staff added CUinFP after my name. This letter was NOT a communication from CUinFP.

Citizens United in Forest Park is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse nor support any candidate for any office.

The Forest Park Review has regretfully acknowledged THEIR mistake and is printing a correction.

Citizens United in Forest Park has a diverse membership of independently minded people with a variety of strong opinions and values. This is the golden quality of the organization. Trying to form a consensus to support any candidate would undermine that great quality.

As of March 4, 2005, Citizens United in Forest Park expanded its membership guidelines to include elected officials and appointees to add yet another perspective to issues impacting our community. 

For additional information please call (708) 771-2478 or e-mail cufp2004@yahoo.com
Steven Backman
Forest Park

Kolinek’s letter: Bald-faced lie
As a rebuttal to the letter written by Commissioner Greg Kolinek where his bald-faced lies were told in an attempt to discredit me, let me set the record straight.

While it’s true that during my tenure as a Park Commissioner I participated in three national conferences, I learned from my experience and attempted to change the convention attending policy from 1992

I have never hidden the fact that I attended these conferences. My attendance at the conferences is what makes me uniquely qualified to expose the truth.

I stopped attending the national conferences when I realized that not only are they a waste of taxpayer money, but the same information is available locally. I seriously doubt these junkets would be considered necessary ‘networking” opportunities if they were held in Boise or Hackensack.

I don’t know which is more offensive, an elected official personally attacking a candidate or the extent to which he’ll go in an effort to justify his spending habits.

It leaves me to wonder what the old boys’ network is up to at 7501 W. Harrison.
Cathleen M. McDermott
Candidate for Park Commissioner

Library lines
National Library Week this year is from April 10-16. We always welcome you to the library, but especially at this time, when we celebrate the proud heritage of libraries in our country. As always, we’re here to serve you.

The library’s main display case will feature origami creations by Ms. Carolin Winter. This world famous Japanese art form shows how much beauty can be created from the simplest of materials. As its practitioners say, “See the World in a Piece of Paper.”

“Taxing” times are almost upon us! With the April 15 deadline for filing state and federal income taxes fast approaching, keep the library in mind if you need forms or publications to complete your tax return. Both the State of Illinois and Federal governments send us basic sets of forms and publications for your use. If we don’t have what you need, you may also download and print what you need from the tax websites, for a nominal charge of ten cents per page for printing.

Family Movie Afternoon continues in April, with the showing of “The Incredibles” at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 24. Admission is free, and the Friends of Forest Park Public Library provide free refreshments. Please come join us for an enjoyable afternoon!
Rodger Brayden
Forest Park Libary Director

Once upon a time
ONCE UPON A TIME, not so long ago and not so far away, there were many programs at the Forest Park Library for adults.

Almost every weekend there would be a book talk, an author, a craft person or a program on history, medical problems or financial matters. There were even several programs on how to land a job.

ONCE UPON A TIME in February there was LOVE YOUR LIBRARY WEEK at the Forest Park Library.

Regular library users, new users, and even non-users would come explore everything the library had to offer, visit with their fellow Forest Parkers, and enjoy some refreshments.

Even the Mayor came to LOVE YOUR LIBRARY SUNDAY.

ONCE UPON A TIME there were great plans for introducing new adult programs at the library. There was talk of a Foreign Film Sunday, a Focus on Forest Parkers Program, a series on documentaries including the Academy Award Nominated documentaries, “Spellbound” and “Super Size Me,” and an exciting writing program for adults.

ONCE UPON A TIME plans were also being made to expand BOOK BUZZ, the library’s popular new informal book discussion program.

The first BOOK BUZZ of the new year was going to be particularly exciting as different staff members had agreed to make and serve some of the recipes featured in books such as those of culinary mystery writer Diane Mott Davidson.

Of course, this was all before the December purge of the library staff.

Not only was Head of Adult Services out in the cold, but adult patrons of the Forest Park Library were also left standing on the outside looking in.

Cynthia Maroon was the catalyst for so many of the exciting adult programs at the library. She scheduled the programs, promoted them, set up the chairs and even personally provided the refreshments on many occasions.

Though dedicated, the overworked staff now at the library have not been able to fill the void. Makes you wonder what the next fallout from the Board’s ill considered cost cutting decisions will be; hopefully not the Adult Summer Reading Program.

But don’t despair, Forest Parkers, you still have bragging rights to the highest paid computer aide in the Metropolitan Library System.

The Director, Rodger Brayden, now spends a good portion of his day helping out at the computer desk. He replaced the $6.49 an hour former computer aide who resigned when she was offered a penny increase to bring her up to minimum wage.

And, at least for several hours a week we can also claim to have the highest paid circulation clerk when the circulation manager, Sandy Heitzman, works the front desk.

ONCE UPON A TIME we had a Library Board who knew that their mission was to enhance the library, to budget wisely and serve the Forest Park community. But now that time seems long ago and very, very far away.
Barbara Plona
Forest Park