When Forest Park worries about criminal trash blowing in from Berwyn, our first picture is of gang spillover along the lines of the shooting last year on Roosevelt Road. Now it seems goofball young men with guns aren’t our only concern.

Last week, hours after being deservedly swamped in Berwyn’s local elections, a batch of middle-aged white guys from Berwyn, allegedly including the controversial police chief Frank Marzullo, wound up in a Roosevelt Road restaurant to nurse their fractured egos. Before the night was out, it was the former administrator of North Riverside who needed nursing. According to police reports, Wayne Pesek was dragged from the restaurant and set upon by the five Berwyn thugs.

So here we go again, respectfully asking Berwyn to keep its turmoil in its town. Whether it is kid gang bangers or dopes in their full maturity, we have enough to deal with here and are perfectly capable of creating our own brand of trouble, thanks.

Also, as nice as it is to get publicity, in any way shape or form, we’d appreciate not making the papers for other people’s political trauma. It tends to tie up our administrators and elected officials’ time when they really should be dealing with our concerns and problems, not Berwyn’s.

All nice and Spring like

The town really is getting ready to roll here.

Flower plantings, street repairs, tree trimmings, birds singing, kids playing, dogs barking.  Yeah… it’s Spring.  The town is waking up, shaking off it’s winter hibernation and there are no longer any valid excuses to not get out there and experience everything we have to offer in Forest Park. 

Now if only the weather would agree with us.

Oh well, as good Chicagoland residents know, in this area we just grin and bear it, going with what we think should be until the weather agrees and eventually, if only for a few moments, it will.

So, as you clean out your garage for Spring cleaning, don’t forget the park’s garage sale or Opening Day for Little League.

And next time your dog looks up at you with those beautiful eyes, grab a leash and hike on over to the dog park so he or she can play with like-minded souls.

Get up and go FP, we’ll meet you at The Park.