A man allegedly filed a false police report a few weeks ago, telling police officers he had locked himself out of the car, leaving his 5-month-old daughter in it. The man allegedly called the police several times asking for help with his car, then, on the final call, said he had left his daughter in the car.

There was, police discovered, no daughter.

The false report cost the man, who apparently was in a hurry, a trip to the police station and serious charges.

We know it is hard to be patient in this day and age, but lying to the cops when they have very important work to do, just to get your way, is a bad idea and it takes time from real, serious issues.

Next time call a locksmith or AAA. It costs more, but ultimately it is better for the village and for you.

The most important lesson, however, is that in any and all cases it is just a bad idea to lie to the police. Don’t do it and avoid spending some quality time in the slammer.

Give me a P… Give me an A…

Go Panthers! The fifth grade pep rally last week at District 91 was a great idea and kudos should go where they deserve to be given.

The fifth graders are lucky to be getting a team of dedicated teachers with the foresight to start their middle school experience with a spirit-filled bang. Middle school can be a scary experience for students used to the comfort of their smaller elementary schools and the pep rally was the perfect way to help get the kids excited about next year’s induction into the rigors of changing classes, larger classes and the collage of activities that will come with their academic curriculum.

The Panthers are also lucky to have such an enthusiastic leader at their helm in Karen Bukowski.

We encourage the kids to get involved in school and to take the bull by the horns, to learn from the outgoing eighth graders, who will soon be exchanging their “Oh-five” chant for their new high school cheers as many move on to unchartered territory at the new Math and Science Academy or take their places at Fenwick, Trinity and Proviso, among others.

We wish the new middle schoolers the best of luck and remind them that, as much fun as middle school will be, the school year isn’t over yet, so hit the books and finish fifth with a bang kids!

One interesting thing to note: Forest Park Middle School in Forest Park, Georgia also boasts a panther as their mascot … the Forest Park Middle School kids in Euclid, Ohio are the Wildcats … Forest Park Middle School in Springfield, was home to Theodor Seuss Geisel … But the best of the best are still our very own Panthers in good old Forest Park, Illinois.