The Park District of Forest Park is catching some breaks on things it can’t control such as the weather. Early warm and dry days have sparked pool attendance and that makes the cash register ring.

More importantly, the park board is making good choices, too, on the things they have full control over. And we applaud them for it.

While certain things, like the Downhill Derby will certainly be missed this season, others, like the increased attendance to day camp, the solid start in planning the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations and what promises to be another stellar edition of the No-Gloves Nationals, show the district has carefully considered its audience and is striving to meet their wants and needs.

The district has produced a well thought out and considered budget this year that not only goes a long way towards fiscal responsibility, but also takes into consideration the district’s need to grow in order to meet its customers’ needs.

The district has taken major strides to meet these needs with its comprehensive plan which promises to make most, if not all, the facilities handicapped accessible and to make the main building more user-friendly for meetings, summer events and other miscellaneous activities.

Included in the budget is enough money to get all of this done within the five-year plan in a responsible manner.

In addition, the district seems to have re-thought its convention policies after last year’s excesses. This year only one staff member and one commissioner will be attending the upcoming 2005 NPRA Annual Congress. Assistant Director Larry Piekarz and board Vice President Greg Kolinek will represent the district.

This, to us, seems like a responsible use of money and a much needed recognition of the fact that, while things look good, money is always tight and every dollar in the district needs care.

Thank you Bob Senechalle

Bob Senechalle, that would be the Honorable Bob Senechalle, we suppose, has been appointed to the Cook County Circuit Court as an associate judge. Bob did not want much attention paid to this appointment, but a note of thanks is deserved.

Bob Senechalle has been tireless in his work as part of the Main Street Redevelopment Association. During past challenging years at Main Street he has been a leader and a progressive voice for the business community.

He is going to be missed on Madison Street.