Forty Years Ago

John Hussers lived on the 600 block of Elgin. He died violently in Grant Park in Chicago.

Hussers, an associate of the First National Bank of Chicago, left work, stopped for dinner and as darkness was setting in, took a walk in the park. It was his second-to-last decision.

In a relatively secluded section of the park, he was confronted by three youths who demanded his wallet at knifepoint. His refusal was the final decision of his life-aside from vowing to fight his attackers. He died hours later in a Chicago hospital after putting up “what must’ve been a terrific struggle,” according to police. Though he put up a gallant fight his refusal to surrender may have spelled his end.

One needn’t judge his actions given the circumstances that caused his outrage.

From the Aug. 4, 1966, issue of the Forest Park Review

Thirty Years Ago

Then was then. Now is now. Back in 1976 the fact that a local business used an electronic device to protect itself was newsworthy.

Golden Drugs, at the corner of Madison and Harlem, had just installed a Videotec Security System. It was very hi-tech at the time. The drugstore was one of the first in Forest Park to utilize the system.

One can almost measure the fine-tuning of this technology by the language of the article: “This unique ‘seeing-eye’ protector records thievery on the spot via television monitors that scan the store’s premises on a 24-hour basis. It enables the clerk to see any shoplifter hidden from view. Therefore, the shoplifter can be observed without his knowledge.”

Holy jumping electrons!

From the July 28, 1976, issue of the Forest Park Review

Twenty Years Ago

This culinary-Biblical item from Lyn Anderson’s Forest Park Notes column: She reports that the two all-time best selling books are The Bible and cook books.

Anderson figures this is reasonable because The Good Book has long been a wedding gift, and the food books have been in demand almost as long as hunger.

She also says modern Bibles are generally more readable than the King James Version.

Hold it there. I’m reminded of a claim made by a friend that the reader might be surprised when he (1) gets hold of the King James Version of the Bible, and (2) turns to the Book of Psalms. Then (3) goes to Psalm 46, and reads 46 words into it from the beginning and comes to a specific word. Then (4) reads 46 words from the end (backwards) and comes to another word.

When you put the two words together you have your surprise.Keep in mind that the revision took place in London from 16__ to 16__. Guess what age Shakespeare was in 1610? I’m told that while the Bible is the “Word of God” the words that comprise it were set down (divinely inspired?) by mortal/fallible men. I’ll bet the farm it’s not coincidence.

From the July 9, 1986, issue of the Forest Park Review

Ten Years Ago

Five men got into a rumble at Miller Meadow. Only four came out of it alive. The beating took place just west of the Forest Park corporate limits.

The initial call described gun shots, but when police arrived they found 22-year-old Darnell Anderson had been severely beaten with a volleyball net stake.

He was taken to nearby Loyola Hospital with head trauma and died within 48 hours. Two days later, the police had the four men in custody. They believe the murder was gang-related.

Who Remembers? Key Punch Operators, and while we’re at it, IBM cards?white wall tires?fountain pens?carbon paper?hood ornaments?running boards?skate keys?blotters?Log Cabin Syrup (in a tin shaped like a log cabin).

From the July 17, 1996, issue of the Forest Park Review