Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for your handwriting sample and note. I’m very pleased that you have heard good things, and especially happy that you had the courage to give handwriting analysis a try.

After looking at your writing I’m not surprised that you had the courage to write in. Look at your capital I, Nancy. It looks like a steel beam and it means that you, like the beam, are strong and independent. In fact, most of your capitals are printed and large, even though you write in cursive.

These large capitals tell me that you are a self-starter with a great deal of initiative. You are proud, determined, ambitious and aggressive, but sometimes can be defensive and domineering. You dislike laziness and you feel frustrated when your energy is scattered or misdirected. You are a person who gets things done.

You are able to make decisions and you always take the direct route to problem solving.

You are mature, realistic, firm, and have a very positive self-image. Because you have high regard for yourself, you can be idealistic, dignified, and spiritual. Therefore, you are interested in art, music, literature, and all things beautiful.

Because you intently dislike confusion in your life, Nancy, you sometimes prefer to isolate yourself from other people. Being alone is not difficult for you, and even though you are friendly and cordial, you frequently feel detached and lonely.

Look at the sharp angles on your small Ms and Ns. These sharp strokes mean that you have a sharp mind.

You are intelligent, quick-witted, and have a high IQ.

You are mentally disciplined, reasonable, serious, conscientious, orderly, and have a strong sense of obligation. Unfortunately, you are not very patient with others who do not share these qualities.

This does not mean you are not a sensitive person. You are. You can be touchy and vulnerable to both criticism and flattery.

You press hard on your pen, Nancy, and your heavy writing shows energy, vitality, tenacity, and strong emotions, and conscientiousness. You work steadily toward objectives and are not afraid of challenges.

You enjoy being the boss and dislike being bossed, so you probably would do better in your own business as opposed to working for someone else.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, you are honest, sincere, optimistic, and have a very active imagination.

Much good luck to you and have a happy Halloween.

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