Dear Dalia,

Thank you for your note and writing sample.

Yes, like all of your friends you are creative and intelligent.

Your signature is interesting in that it is not nearly as legible as the rest of your message and is accompanied by a cartoon happy face. When the signature is less legible than the text it usually means the writer is trying to communicate her thoughts and ideas but not her personal identity, which she wants to keep secret. The happy face suggests you feel strongly that you are different from most other people, you take pride in your individualism, and you want others to know that you are not just one of the crowd.

Your signature aside, your writing is vertical to backhanded, heavy, fast, disconnected, and has arcades.

Arcades are the cover strokes most obvious in the arch like structure of your small Rs. These arcades strokes tell me that you are very independent, trustworthy, proud, cautious, secretive, have a sense of tradition, an artistic sense of proportion, a sense of style and form, and possess stable values. Taking care of and protecting what is yours is very important to you.

Dalia, your writing is vertical and even somewhat backhanded. This is interesting, because when you were in school you were taught to slant you letters to the right, but you have rejected this teaching. Vertical or backhand writing shows emotional reserve and even repression. Your heavy strokes show that your emotions are strong but you keep these intense feelings under control. You are careful, cautious, realistic, determined and skeptical. You usually display calmness, judgment, poise and realism. You deal with problems rationally rather than emotionally and you act independently and rely on yourself rather than depending on others.

Your heavy writing means that your emotions are strong (although controlled) so you are sensual, energetic, optimistic, artistic, conscientious, and not afraid of challenges. You are culturally aware, mature, and without facade.

You are a quick and intuitive thinker, Dalia. You grasp ideas quickly (so you are smart), have a lot of imagination and vision, and are self-reliant and self-confident (at least professionally).

At times you can be stubborn, moody, and aggressive, but you can also be dignified, idealistic, humorous, and ambitious.

You like being recognized for your talents and you have a sincere desire for greatness.

Good luck and Merry Christmas.