Thank you very much for your letter and writing sample.

Your handwriting is attractive, legible, large, rising, and rightward, and all of these characteristics say something about your personality and character.

Your large writing reflects your unconscious feelings of self-importance, your need for space, your desire to be noticed and to be helpful to the world. This large script tells me that you are self-reliant, serious, generous, optimistic, proud, and have good organizational talents.

The fact that your writing slants to the right tells me that you are spontaneous, enthusiastic, sociable, enterprising, and affectionate. You are a real outgoing person.

The exceptional clarity or legibility of your handwriting means that you are honest, sincere, purposeful, and have a real desire for clear communication and understanding.

Maryann, your letters are connected with garland (cuplike) connecting strokes and these garlands suggest that you are kind, sympathetic, cooperative, practical, realistic, steady in work, and a logical thinker.

These are all wonderful qualities but you can also be restless, impatient, easily influenced, and naive. Frustration is a danger when you feel that you are not using all your talents and abilities.

Your daughter and your grandchildren are certainly lucky to have you and you are lucky to be in a position to help them. I’m not surprised that you are willing to volunteer because you are so generous, optimistic, and outgoing. A person like yourself needs to be challenged intellectually and spiritually. Because of your many fine qualities most groups or organizations would be lucky and happy to have you as a volunteer.

You might contact your local senior citizen club to find out if they have volunteer or employment listings. Whatever you decide to do, it should involve direct contact with the public because that is where you are at your best.

Have you thought about volunteering at your local public or parochial school? They are usually happy to have seniors read to the children or to listen to the kids read, or to help them with their spelling words.

Nursing homes, hospitals, and churches frequently have need of competent volunteers.

Get on the phone and ask around. If one organization does not need volunteers they probably know of others that do.

Much good luck and Merry Christmas to you.