Dear Patricia,

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample.

The fact that your handwriting has changed over the years means that you have changed. Since writing reflects the personality and character of the writer, it changes along with the person.

Your letters used to slant more to the right because you were more emotional. The lack of slant or upright nature of your strokes now means that you are now more disciplined and more in control of your emotions. You are now more likely to respond to any situation with reason rather than impulse, and with logic rather than sentimentality.

You are generally unexpressive and will not readily show what is going on inside. You are usually able to remain calm under stress, and judgment rules your actions. You don’t join impulsively and you don’t jump into things without thinking first. When you want something done, you appeal to the judgment of others rather than to their emotions.

You usually keep yourself at a safe emotional distance from other people and you are skeptical, practical, reliable, determined and realistic.

Patricia, you are serious, conscientious, disciplined, orderly, and strict. When dealing with others you can be suspicious, domineering, unyielding, and lacking in sympathy.

Your willpower is strong and you are relentless in your desire to achieve goals and objectives. In fact, some people may perceive you as being stubborn or overly aggressive.

You are an exploratory thinker, Patricia. Your desire to learn new things is strong and you are willing to dig and search for answers. You are curious and that is probably why you decided to submit your handwriting for analysis.

You are also frank, honest, proud, dignified and a philosophical thinker. You take pride in your work and in your appearance and are very much of a traditionalist in your dress, in your actions, and in your religious beliefs.

Your large, printed capitals show that you are independent and self-reliant. You are an ambitious person with a high regard for yourself.

Because your discipline and self control have grown over the years, you have become rigid emotionally. You repress many of your feelings and drives so you have lost some of your previous spontaneity, but this is the price you pay for the self control that is so important to you.

Good luck and Happy New Year.