Dear Geri,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample.

I hope you are happy living at the retirement center and that the new year has been good to you so far.

Geri, your handwriting is small, neat, legible, light, rightward and very attractive. Cursive writing such as yours is scarce in this day of computers and printing, but it is a joy to see.

The fact that your writing is light or fine means that you are sensitive and impressionable as well as feminine, adaptable, and flexible. You are sympathetic, modest, and somewhat timid. Your willpower is not very strong so you could easily succumb to the dominance of a heavier writer. You are more tolerant and genial than most, and you are very spiritual, Geri, and this frequently leaves you feeling anxious, inhibited, uncertain, and fearful.

Despite your cautious nature, at the time of this writing you were feeling optimistic and positive, as well as ambitious. You are anxious to do things and to escape the demands of routine and boredom. Also, you are a good and dependable worker.

In addition to being very light your writing is also small. Small writing requires concentration so I know you are conscientious, accurate, thoughtful, and good on details. You are also very economical and frugal. You don’t like wasting money, time, or energy.

Your writing slants to the right so you are friendly, emotional, sociable, kind, affectionate, and unselfish. At times you can be irritable, restless, impatient, and easily influenced. Your feelings always influence your decisions.

Geri, your letters are connected with cuplike strokes called garlands and these garlands indicate that you are sincere but passive and non-competitive. You have strong security needs and feel threatened by any changes in your home, family, or lifestyle. You are dignified and conventional and you desperately want communication with and acceptance by others.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above you are a logical thinker, a steady and cooperative worker, and a straightforward person. Because you’re honest and open you can sometimes be naive and gullible.

I’m sorry to tell you that handwriting analysis can’t be used to predict the future but based on your many good qualities I think you should do fine.

Happy New Year, Geri, and I hope you and your family enjoy good health and happiness in 2007.