Dear Ruta,

Thank you very much for your note and for your patience in waiting for a response.

I hope I have your name correct because it was difficult to read. This is somewhat unusual because your note is very legible. When a person has legible writing but an illegible signature it means that the writer is trying to communicate their thoughts but not their identity, and this indicates that they are being secretive and evasive.

You also make closed loops (As and Os) with a final loop and this also suggests that you are secretive and reticent. You can be relied upon not to divulge secrets, and you go all around a question that you do not want to answer. You are not a liar but you are a very good evader.

Also, Ruta, you leave large spaces between your words and lines of writing and this reflects your need to maintain a safe emotional distance from others. You need your privacy and you have come to fear emotional contact and closeness, even though you still desire it. This presents something of a paradox for you.

Your writing is heavy and written in red. Red is a symbol of strength, vitality, and life. It is connected with ambition, generosity, and affection. People who choose to write with red ink frequently have strong physical and emotional needs, and see themselves as different, usually superior.

Besides being red your writing is also heavy and this means that you are energetic, conscientious, emotional, sensual, and easily excited to action. On the other hand you can also be stern and stubborn, and repress your natural inclinations.

Ruta, your lower strokes are very long and heavy and this means that you have incredible determination, and that you have learned to repress many of your early feelings, keeping them in the unconscious where they remain unacknowledged and a source of tension and loss of energy to the ego.

Ruta, your T bars go from right to left and this is opposite of your writing direction. This might be natural if you are left handed (are you?). If not, it shows of lot of self-blame. It means you get down on yourself when things go wrong and are much too harsh with self-criticism.

The baseline of your writing is straight and firm so I know you are emotionally stable, dependable, practical, independent, mature, and persevering.

Ruta, you are a proud and dignified person with many talents and interests. You are sociable, persistent in work, a logical thinker, disciplined, decisive, and ambitious.

Much good luck to you and please be as nice to yourself as you are to others.