Dear Sandy,

Thank you very much for your note and writing sample.

Your writing is large, wide, connected, legible, light, and has mixed slants and an erratic baseline.

Mixed slant means that some of your letters go to the right, others to the left, while some are vertical. These varying slants suggest you are emotionally inconsistent, making you anxious, moody and unpredictable. You can be friendly and outgoing and then quickly become sullen and withdrawn. Others don’t know what to expect of you and even you don’t always know how you will react.

The good news associated with these mixed slants is that you are versatile and have many interests. You are lively, impressionable, and very creative, energetic and flexible.

Your writing is also large and wide, which tells me that you are ambitious, sociable, proud, extroverted, serious, independent and self-reliant. You like to do things to impress others and you can be boastful and lacking in discipline. You sometimes have an inability to delay gratification.

Sandy, your writing is light, meaning that you do not press hard on the pen. This light or fine script suggests that you are sensitive, tolerant, sympathetic and modest. You don’t hold grudges but you can be touchy and easily offended.

You write slowly, Sandy, because that is how you think. As a result, you have a lot of self control. You are steady, thrifty, cautious, and a careful, logical thinker. You reach conclusions slowly and through careful logic.

You are a well-informed person with an open mind. You are tolerant of the viewpoints of others, and you are a good listener and a very understanding individual.

Sandy, you like to perform and have others notice you. You enjoy acting and singing and probably should be involved in some kind of theater or dramatic group. You also have talent for arts and crafts. You are creative and have a very active imagination.

You are kind hearted and friendly and you dislike conflict. You want others to like you and you try hard to be co-operative with other people, and generally you succeed.