Dear Ellie (I think),

Thank you so much for your note and writing sample. I can’t really read your name but I believe it is Ellie, but it could be Ella, Ellen, or just Ell. This is interesting because the rest of your note is very legible.

In graphology an illegible signature with a legible message reveals a desire to be secretive or enigmatic. The legible nature of your writing shows that you are honest, sincere, straightforward, and want clear communication and understanding with others but you want to do it without revealing too much of yourself.

This desire for anonymity is reinforced by your long, heavy lower strokes (without loops) in your Ys and Gs. These are solitude strokes and they show that you prefer to do things alone because you don’t like the confusion caused by dealing with others. Even in the midst of a crowd you are detached and lonely.

The good news associated with these long lower strokes is that they show you have great determination, firmness, and aggressiveness. You don’t like lazy people, and you get frustrated when your energy is not being utilized. You are a person who gets thing accomplished.

In addition to being legible your writing is also small, and small but legible writing shows great concentration. You are critical minded and have executive ability. You are studious, thoughtful, and accurate; good on detail work, and are very conscientious, along with being economical.

The middle zone of your writing is so small that it is dwarfed by your upper and lower zone letters, and this suggests that you tend to underrate yourself and suffer from feelings of inferiority. I don’t believe this is a serious problem for you, however, because your baselines are even and your handwriting has rhythm. I think your personality has found equilibrium. I believe you are emotionally stable and dependable, along with being practical, precise, frank, and have very good organizational abilities.

Besides being small your writing is sharp and narrow. This sharpness shows restraint and reserve, along with sensitivity, refinement, idealism, artistic talent, and spiritual leanings. You are also proud, dignified, and independent.

Your narrow letters suggest that you are somewhat narrow minded. Your code of ethics is restricted as is your imagination. You are selective in choosing your friends. You don’t like crowds and you enjoy time to yourself.

The fact that your small writing slants to the right indicates that you are sociable, adaptable, and affectionate, even if cautious and reserved.

You may not be the most outgoing person in the world, but you are a disciplined, good, and principled person, whatever your name is.